The purpose of this project was to describe a process in graphic terms. The topic was me. The context was a chart, map, graph or diagram through which the viewer's eye travels from a point of entry into the design to various rest stops within it.

The resulting design should be clearly understood without verbal explanation, although one may incorporate typographical elements (titles, captions).


  • Select a topic.
  • Determine content.
  • Determine how one would present it. Be sure to show evidence of the conceptual process in a journal.
  • Explore 3 preliminary concepts. Arrange the elements based on an underlying structure or grid. Since the information is presented visually, the structure should be formal. Choose the strongest of the concepts to develop into finished art.
  • Incorporate shape, color and line into a clear conceptual visual framework that represents one aspect of life. Incorporate imagery, type and graphic elements as appropriate.